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      Production base


      Wumei Biotechnology
      Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (GTCC)

      Chemical components:GTCC

      Molecular weight:500

      Quality standard:
              Appearance, Colorless or light yellow transparent oily liquid transparent oily liquid
              Acid value:≤0.5mgKOH/g         Iodine value :≤0.5gI2/100g
              Saponification number:325-360          Specific gravity(d20):0.92-0.96
      Use:Widely used in the industries of food, medicine, cosmetics. No pungency to human body.

      Keep the skin smooth and lustrous.
      Make hair shining and smooth.
      Used as stabilizer,antifreezing agent in cosmetics.
      Used in lip stick, shaving cream to change the dispersibility and brightness of the cosmetics.
      Use level in common:1~15%

      .Packing:PE drum, net wt 50kg, metal pail: net wt 200kg.
      Storage:Sealed, stored in clean, cool and dry place. Avoid sunlight or air.